How to handle mosquitoes in India?

India is a country with different kinds of weathers. It varies between extreme heat and extreme cold, with very wet monsoons in between. No matter what ever the weather is, there are always mosquitoes around. Even dry and arid states like Rajasthan and Gujarat suffer due to them. They are practically every where in India. This is primarily due to mismanagement of open spaces in India. Wherever water collects and stagnates, mosquitoes breed.

While most mosquitoes are harmless, some are really deadly. They can cause fatal illness like Dengue and Malaria. Lot of visitors coming to India from Europe prefer to get anti malaria vaccine shots before arriving in India. While it is safe to get shots, they only cover a particular type of mosquito that causes Malaria. What about Dengue? There is no such vaccination. Due to the fact that Europe does not suffer from mosquitoes, they don’t really understand how to handle them. You see if mosquitoes would be so dangerous India would not have the world’s second largest population.

The solution to mosquitoes that is available in India is simple and yet very effective. A few companies in India have developed a few chemicals that repel the mosquito. It is safe and is also sold in some other countries. There are four main forms in which it is sold.

First one is a repellent coil that burns like incense releases a lot of fumes. It is ideal for open spaces like roof tops, garden areas etc and not at all suitable for indoors. Second one is a small mat about 2 inches x 1 inch in size. It is slides into a machine that plugs into an electricity socket. This is a dry mat and is suitable for indoors only. Its life is only about 8-9 hours and after that you need to remove the mat and insert a new one. This works fine if you want to keep changing it every now and then. Since this is dry it becomes very handy when you travel frequently from one city to another.

The third one is a liquid variant. It too plugs into a machine and can only be used indoors like hotel rooms etc. The liquid lasts for about 45 days at a stretch and hence it becomes very handy when you want to just plug it in and forget about it. This is the most used variant all over India. Hotels and Households just plug it in and forget about it. Once the mosquitoes start coming back, it is a signal to change the liquid refill. Since this is a liquid, it becomes messy to carry it around from one city to another. Though the liquid refill can be taken out and fitted with a cap, but still it is liquid and can spill on your clothes during travelling. The fourth and the last one is a crème that you apply on yourselves. It is something like a Sun Screen Lotion that you need to apply on the exposed parts of the skin. This comes in handy when you are out on a safari in a jungle OR you are outdoors walking in the wild.

There are three major companies that make these repellent. Good Night , All Out and Mortien. These are available in most of the shops all across India. Most of the Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels also carry them. Where they don’t have these, it is best to just go out in the market to buy one. Just buy the variant which is most suitable to your needs. The cost of these is very less. The most expensive variant would not cost more than US$5. Since it is so cheap, it makes sense to buy them and carry them around where you travel.

To summarise, don’t worry about mosquitoes when you travel to India. Just follow the advice mentioned in this article and mosquitoes will be the last of your worries. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family as long as you give credit to us.

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