Religious & Spiritual Getaways from Delhi

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Religious / Rivers / Spiritual getways


Distance: About 210 km from Delhi.

Haridwar - Short trip from Delhi

Haridwar is an ancient city and is considered as one of the most sacred cities in India by the Hindus. Being one of the seven holiest places for pilgrimage, Haridwar means ‘Gateway to God’. Every year visitors from all across India and abroad come for a dip in the holy waters of the Ganga, and it is believed to wash away one’s sins forever and help attain salvation. Several temples and ashrams dot this town and tourist from foreign countries have been attracted to Haridwar since ages, because, it’s here that they get to understand and experience India’s culture, various rituals and the ancient civilization of India. It is here every 12 years the great festival of Kumbha Mela is held and every 6 years an Ardh Kumbha or Half Kumbh. Millions of pilgrims and saints flock to Haridwar from every corner of India during this period. Apart from its religious significance, Haridwar is also an ideal place for learning different arts and culture of India and it is a well known center for Ayurverdic medicines and herbal remedies. Tourist can visit Haridwar throughout the year as the climate is pleasant, and during their visit they can visit ‘The Rajaji National Park’ which is about 10 km from Haridwar and it is an ideal destination for viewing wild life and for adventure lovers. Since Haridwar is considered as a holy city in India, non-vegetarian food and alcohol is not available and is neither allowed.


Distance: About 230 km from Delhi.

Rishikesh - Near Delhi
Meditation on the banks of Ganges at Rishikesh

Abounding with natural beauty the town of Rishikesh is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, and is dotted with many ancient temples and ashrams. It is an ideal destination for foreign tourists interested in pilgrimage travel and adventure sports. The ashrams of Rishikesh are renowned all over the world for their study on spiritualism and meditation. Rishikesh shot to fame in the West when ‘The Beatles’ dropped by here for a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram. Today, Rishikesh is being recognized as the Adventure Capital of India for the adventure seekers as Rishikesh is the suggested place for starting trekking expeditions to the Himalayan Peaks and for the White River Rafting. In spite of the growing number of visitors each year, the town’s lanes and alleys retain an old world charm, and it still remains a wonderful place to relax and unwind amongst nature. Rishikesh enjoys a favorable climate throughout the year, although June can be hot, Rishikesh is a beautiful destination and has charm in all seasons. Being a sacred place for the Hindus, Rishikesh is a vegetarian and alcohol free city by law and use of plastics bags is completely prohibited.


Distance: About 160 km from Delhi.

Idol of Radha Krishna in Mathura
Idol of Radha Krishna in Mathura

Mathura city is known among tourists as the birth place of Lord Krishna, it is an important pilgrim destination for Hindus and Krishna followers from all over the world. Located on the western bank of river Yamuna, this ancient city is one of the seven sacred cities in India having a history of more than 3000 years. The present day Mathura abounds in place of religious and historic interest, the holy city has many sites that are connected with the legends and stories related to the childhood of Lord Krishna and all round the year a large number of festival and fairs are held in Mathura city and in the adjoining areas. Mathura city is dotted with beautiful ghats, archways and holy temples stretching along the banks of the river Yamuna. The main tourist attraction in Mathura city is the Shri Krishna Janambhoomi temple, Dwarkadheesh temple, Gita Mandir, and Jami Masjid. Tourist with keen interest in history will enjoy exploring the archaeological museums of Mathura which has some amazing collection of rare items from Gupta and Kushana period.

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