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Tips on Travelling on Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

Learn all about travelling on auto rickshaws in Delhi. The problems of overcharging, refusing to offer a ride, rudeness of drivers and how to handle them. Read more.

How to Cope with Summer while Travelling in India with these Quick Tips

Coping with summer heat while travelling in India can be tough! Here are some tips that will help you beat the heat and enable you to enjoy your holiday in summer time in India. Read more.

Holi - The Festival of Colours

Holi is called the festival of colours. Read here about the history, the significance, how it is practiced along with some annoyances associated with it. Read more.

Avoiding and Treating Stomach Infections in India

Avoid the dreaded Delhi Belly also known as stomach infection and food poisoning. You will get some decent tips on how to cope with this situation. Read more.

Buying Mobile Connections (SIM Cards) in Delhi

The rules in India are very strict on buying mobile SIM Cards for either making calls or using it for internet. This article lays down the complete process and explains what you need to do in order to get a SIM card. Through this article we also try to explain why it is required and the rationale behind it. Read more.

How to Book Train Tickets

Booking of Indian Train tickets is a very complicated task. This article will help you understand the process and will guide you on how to book your own train tickets. Read more.

Handling Mosquitoes in India?

Every time you think about visiting India, mosquitoes always come up as a big concern. Don’t despair, help is at hand, with this quick, cheap and effective remedy. Read more.

Pickpockets on Delhi Metro Trains

Some cases of pick pockets have been brought to our notice for the people who are travelling on Delhi Metro. Please take care of belongings while on Metro Trains and always wear your backpacks on your chest.

Wearing a Backpack in Crowds

No matter which ever part of the world you are in, at busy places, always wear your backpack containing laptop, camera, or other valuable stuff on your chest rather than your back. This way you can always keep an eye on your valuables and bag. Redefine your backpack to be your front-pack.

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