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Guys, this will be a quick post. Diwali festival in India is coming on 5-Nov-2013. This (Diwali Festival) has several implications for travelers travelling in India.

Intercity Travel: First the trains will be full full full…you will not have seats available. Even the flights will be overbooked. This is due to the fact that people are either going to their home towns or are coming back from their hometowns after celebrating the Diwali festival. If you are in India, during the Diwali time, please plan ahead and book tickets ahead of time.

Within City Travel: During the Diwali time, many people exchange gifts before the festival. This is a tradition which has been going on since ages. It is as big as Christmas of Europe. People are practically on city roads trying to visit their friends and family for either exchanging gifts or partying. Same is the case of most of the highways / motor ways. If you are booked for a city tour, you will have to plan for traffic jams on the road.

Air Pollution: During Diwali festival time a lot of people light up candles and especially fire crackers. It is custom in every household in India to burn fire crackers. Now you can imagine if the entire country is burning fire crackers on the Diwali day, where will the pollution levels go (only higher). Especially for asthamatic people it can be very difficult.

Noise Pollution: The noise pollution with the fire crackers is very high. Lot of people burst crackers till late which makes it very noisy. The noise pollution is at its peak on Diwali days. So please be prepared.

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  1. Reply Bangalore Mar 12,2014 5:12 pm

    Good to know about this tradition. We also celebrated but crackers firing we did, really i don’t know about this tradition, thanks for sharing this information. For this year Diwali i will celebrate like as you said.

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